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Planning for your headshot session

What’s a headshot?


A professional headshot is a business portrait. Generally framed showing your face and shoulders. Some business portrait styles are three quarter length or full length depending on the final use of the image. You business portrait is your first impression. You want to make sure you look your best. That you give off a feeling of confidence. You  look approachable and friendly. It shows you are someone friends and colleagues want to associate with, in essence it is your brand.



Why not just use a selfie?


It’s fun to grab your phone and create selfies for your friends. Unfortunately the images with your hand out stretched holding the camera and your face at an odd angle really don’t give you the same results of a professional head shot. We work with you to bring out the true approachable, genuine, confident professional look you want the world to see.



How often should I update my headshot?


We recommend you update your headshot every 18 month to 2 years. We all age and we should embrace the changes to our appearance. Your headshot should look like you today, not what you looked like 15 years ago.



What should I do to physically prepare for my session?


Keep hydrated - drink plenty of water. Your complexion and skin will thank you.


Come well rested - make sure you’re getting enough sleep. I read recently that one bad night sleep requires multiple nights to recover. So make sure you are getting enough sleep for a few days prior to your session.



Hair and makeup?


If possible use a professional hair and makeup artist.

We can recommend professionals upon request.


If you are doing your own makeup - less is more. Unless we’re shooting for dramatic stylized glamor shots you want to look natural so go easy on the makeup.


Bring your makeup for touch up during your session.


Don’t get your haircut the day before your session. Give your hair a couple of days to rest and look more natural.



What should I wear?


Keep it simple and uncomplicated. Solid color shirts or blouses. While black and white are timeless try working with a gray or pastel pallet of color that may accent you hair and skin tones.  Ties and scarfs can add a pop of color but shy away from patterns and big bold colors since they can take the attention away from your face. Stay away from logos on your clothing unless it is for the company you represent. Remember this is a headshot to highlight you!


What about jewelry?


Jewelry can add a nice accent to your headshot. Keep in mind you want to be the focal point of the photo not your necklace or earrings. Choose your jewelry wisely.



Finally - Relax and enjoy the session


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